Welcome to The AWS Blogger. I am Jon Myer, the creator, and the guy creating content and blogging behind the scenes.  But don't let that fool you; there's a lot about me to learn. I'm a father, husband and I am a Partner Solutions Architect for Cloud Management Tools at AWS.

I'm an evangelist for all things AWS, OBS Ninja, YouTube and passionate about educating, teaching, and connecting with others.

Blogger Chats

Blogger Chat with Steve Seguin on OBS Ninja Release v14

By Jon Myer | January 1, 2021

Join us as Steve Seguin goes over some of the new features released with OBS Ninja version 14. 🔸 Guest labels 🔸 Remote mute guests 🔸 Reworked audio pipeline (compressor, limiter, EQ) 🔸 Improved reconnection logic 🔸 Raise hand feature 🔸 Audio activity indicator 🔸 and not to mention my favorite the chat popout OBS.ninja

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LIVE Podcast with Francessca Vasquez, Head of AWS Solutions Architecture

By Jon Myer | November 29, 2020

Francessca is the Head of Amazon Web Services Solutions Architecture. What are we going to chat about: 🔸 ISV (Integrated Software Venders) Partners & investing in them 🔸 Innovation 🔸 Builders 🔸 Why are customers choosing AWS? 🔸 Current Trends in the industry She and her team focus on enabling customer business outcomes and acquisition…

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How to build a AWS VPC 101 – Part 2

By Jon Myer | March 26, 2020

As promised here is the second part of of my video on “How to build an AWS VPC 101” with some of my awesome artist skills!

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How to build an AWS VPC 101 – Part 1

By Jon Myer | March 23, 2020

I’ve decided to start making mini videos on “How to” within AWS. I use to be an instructor for a training company and I really enjoy helping educate people on…

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AWS UndergroundDeepRacer Event & Rules

By Jon Myer | April 25, 2020

Every Wednesday starting May 27th @ 11am EST AWS #UndergroundDeepRacer Event Rules and Guidelines Track: re:invent 2018 Narrow Disclaimer: This is meant to be fun and interactive. I will be racing your model on a real track and if you’ve seen our previous races, you know I’m competitive in every way. Twitch channel: Twitch Channel…

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Building an AWS DeepRacer Track in my Basement

By Jon Myer | April 23, 2020

Just because we are required to stay-at-home, doesn’t mean we can’t continue with AWS DeepRacer events. One morning I had an idea, my basement was big enough to set up an AWS DeepRacer track. Next, who would send me a track or support my crazy idea? Last year I supported an AWS Partner’s DeepRacer event…

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Tips for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam (SCS – C01)

By Jon Myer | March 29, 2020

EXAM TIPS AND TRICKS If you’re like me and planning to add to your ever-growing AWS Certifications, even after you completed the 5 major ones then these tips will help. Between the three specialty certifications (Network, Security and Big Data) I decided to pursue the Security Specialty Exam only because working with AWS daily Security…

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