Just because we are required to stay-at-home, doesn’t mean we can’t continue with AWS DeepRacer events. One morning I had an idea, my basement was big enough to set up an AWS DeepRacer track. Next, who would send me a track or support my crazy idea? Last year I supported an AWS Partner’s DeepRacer event for PTP (Pinnacle Technology Partners) and the track they had was made up of soft tiles that made it easy to move around.

We were able to put 80% of it together in a few hours but I had to wait for the last box to arrive which took some extra time and when I mean extra time, like three days.

While I waited for the last box to show up, I figured I should get the DeepRacer cars ready. Time to take them out of their boxes, hook them back up to wifi and update the software. Then throw the batteries on charge and …. well that took me all of about 30 minutes. I guess I’ll just wait for the last box to arrive.

I put together a time-lapsed video of my kids helping me piece it together. I had to modify the turn a little bit in order to fit around my office. The My kids enjoyed piecing it together, of course, they acted like they were the cars on the track. Plus they get to see some of the events I’ve supported for various customers.

Now that the track is together, it is time to run through a couple of laps with some of the default models. Now, where can I find a couple of TrackBosses to help me out? My kids! They think they are having fun and we are just running a car around the track but what they don’t know, is I’ve put them to work. Don’t worry, I’ll pay them later with some Oreo’s or something.

After a few tests I felt the track was good enough for other people to test on. PTP and I are putting on a LIVE race in the next week or two. Need to setup a few more things before we are ready.

Check out the video. For more information on the Track itself check out https://softtiles.com/



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